Die Mimosen stages Josephine and the Brothers of the Wind


The German theatre group Die Mimosen recently performed Josephine and the Brothers of the Wind for the German language learners of Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) initiative of Goethe-Institut Bangladesh. Under the PASCH initiative, Goethe-Institut supports five partner schools in Bangladesh in offering German language classes. It was started in Bangladesh by the Goethe-Institut with a programme to train teachers in both the necessary language skills as well as teaching skills for interactive modern language teaching. 120 students of five PASCH schools enjoyed and discussed the fairytale about climate change at the Goethe-Institut’s auditorium.
The story is about Josephine, played by actor Stephanie Siebers, who nurtures flowers in her garden until suddenly the rains stop. None of those she approaches – scientists, politicians and other experts, all played by actor Kai Meister – are able to help her, and thus, she ventures on a journey to find water by herself. In the mountains, she meets with fire and rain. However, they cannot help her unless she finds their brother, wind. Josephine continues her journey, until she can rescue wind from his imprisonment, set-up by a profit-oriented water vendor.
Goethe-Institut Bangladesh’s director, Dr Kirsten Hackenbroch expressed how the interaction between art, science and education is a great means for leading discussions about our current global challenges.
Founded in 1988, Die Mimosen has developed and executed more than 20 theatrical productions and projects. Currently they offer 11 plays for children aged three or over. For every story, there is a version that is specially designed for elementary schools. All pieces are also designed as a total experience for families, offering a fun mix of music, comedy and sophistication for all ages.
Since 2007, the group has been associated with a broad range of socially relevant projects and workshops for children, adolescents and adults. Josephine and the Brothers of the Wind is once such example, coupled with the project Children Can Climate, with whom they travel internationally.
Source: thedailystar, 20 September 2018

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