Habib Wahid’s Ontario-shot new music video


Habib Wahid’s Ontario-shot new music video

Pop star Habib Wahid has released a vibrant music video for his latest single ‘Obujhpona’ featuring Faria Nuzhat and himself. The video was shot in the Canadian port city Hamilton located on the western tip of Lake Ontario, under the direction of Nafis Rashid. Suhrid Sufian penned the lyric for ‘Obujhpona’.
Habib has been seen in the video employed as a bookseller’s assistant at a roadside bookshop. One day, Habib met a Bangalee girl customer and left impressed after exchanging a few talk. Afterwards, he went on an outing with her, telling the boss he needed a launch break. So we see them walking on snow covered area, sitting together on a wall and having coffees. As the story progresses, the bookseller one day fired Habib reasoning not finding him sincere in duties. A dispirited Habib started walking along the street and had met the girl again.
The video casts three foreigners in separate roles—Allen Zarnett, Andrew Dougherty and Sara Kathleen Scobie. Faria Nuzhat played the role of the Bangalee girl. She earlier appeared in Habib’s 2016 music video ‘Tomar Akash’ directed by the same director and was shot in Ontario capital city Toronto.
Source: banglanews24, 1 October 2018

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