I’ve been 12 years in the industry: Momo


It’s hard to believe I’ve been 12 years in the industry!

One of the most popular leading ladies of both the small and the silver screen, Zakia Bari Mamo recently completed shooting for a new TV serial, ‘Kacher Putul’. The drama will be aired on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:40pm.
Excerpts of her interview:

Isn’t there any shooting today, Monday?
I choose my schedules very carefully now. I have stopped shooting everyday without any break.
How many days are you shooting a month?
Not more than 15 to 20 days a month. That too, if they are very good stories. To me, it is better to work on five good stories than working in 50 random dramas.
What is a good story according to you?
A good storyline, good representation and my role in it. I always consider these things before selecting any story.
How is ‘Kacher Putul’?
It is good. It is a story that I always prefer to work in. It narrates the life of a girl.
You worked in such dramas earlier. For instance, ‘Pragyar Din’ aired on Bangla Vision and ‘Lipstick’ on Nagorik TV. How is ‘Kacher Putul’ different from those?
You cannot call them ‘same’ just because they are about a girl. The roles are different. But viewers love single-episode dramas more than serials now.
You have been 12 years in showbiz. How it feels to be here?
It feels strange. It’s hard to believe I’ve been 12 years in the industry! But every day is new for me. Every new role makes me think afresh.
Tell us three things you achieved in these 12 years?
Love, love and love of the viewers.
What kind of Facebook message irritates you?
Mamo, I want to add you.
Who will you prefer opposite of Shihab Shahin?
Bollywood’s Priyanka Chopra indeed.
Who’s the best? Arun Chowdhury or Shihab Shahin?
That’s a silly question. I am not going to answer it.
-Habibullah Siddiqui
Source: prothomalo, 9 October 2018

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